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Talk Guidelines

The unconference talks make OggCamp what it is. Every year we’re amazed by the range of topics and projects presented. The details below should help you prepare whether you want to give a talk, or just want to watch.

Scheduled Track

OggCamp has always been an unconference with a single scheduled track that means we can promote certain talks in advance. This year, we’re trying a Call For Papers (CFP) system for the scheduled track. If you’re interested in proposing a talk for the scheduled track, please visit the CFP site. The call for papers is open until the 16th June. If you’re not successful on the CFP, please bring your talk anyway as, well, it is also an Unconference!

Submitting a Talk

Don’t be shy! Talks at OggCamp can be about anything. This includes open source software, hardware hacking, making, science, politics, creative commons music and literature, or anything else you think might interest the community. Even if you’re not sure it will, you might be surprised to find out there are many people who find your project fascinating!

To submit your talk find the schedule board which the crew will direct you to if needed. Write your talk on a post-it note and put it on your preferred time slot. Depending on the number of votes the talks in that slot get, your talk may me moved to a different room, so check back 15 minutes before your talk to see where it will be. We will also have a version of the schedule online as it’s decided so you can check on instantly on your phone, laptop or tablet.

If there are too many talks for a given time slot those with the fewest votes won’t be assigned a room. You can move your talk to a different time slot though if you wish.

Attending a Talk

To make sure that everyone gets the right room for their talk it’s important that we know how popular each talk is going to be. If you like the sound of a talk please draw a dot on the post-it note using the markers provided.

Giving a Talk

Talk slots are 25 minutes long, with 5 minutes between each slot for changeover/moving between rooms. If you need longer you can allocate 2 slots to your talk, which will give a total of 55 minutes. Please ensure you really have enough content to fill 2 slots before booking them. Otherwise you might finish after 20mins and leave a room empty that someone could have used.

When planning your talk make sure you have time to set up anything you need (slides, demos etc) and leave time for questions at the end. Please don’t overrun as you’ll eat into the next speaker’s time. If the previous speaker is overrunning please speak to a member of the crew.

We have people of various ages, genders, races, nationalities and cultures attending OggCamp and we intend to keep it that way. Please consider this when preparing your talk’s content. If you can’t avoid including content that may be unsuitable for under 18s please indicate this on the schedule and warn people before you start. However racist/homophobic/sexual/etc content isn’t welcome under any circumstances. All talks must comply with the Code of Conduct.

Attendees may take photographs, audio and video recordings during your talk. If you are not happy for this to happen please inform the member of the crew in your room before starting and also warn the attendees.

Every room will have a projector but using it isn’t compulsory. If you choose to use slides it’s advisable to bring a device with you which you know can open the format they are in, plus appropriate adapters to connect it to the projector (the projectors will all have VGA connectors - Mac users take note!). Please also bring a copy of your slides on a USB stick in case your device fails.

If you’re planning to demonstrate a system, it may be advisable to video the demonstration beforehand as a backup just in case something goes wrong on the day. We’ve all had live demos crash and burn on us so you’ll be in good company.

Lightning Talks

There will be a session for Lighting talks again this year. In the past we’ve had great speed presentations on everything from automated GUI testing, to political activism, to how the Internet was built.

Lightning Talks will be strictly 5 minutes long, and you’ll be allowed to take 1 question at the end. Details of submitting a Lightning Talk will be given on the day.

Talk Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas on talks to propose, some of our talks in prior years include: